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Corporate recruiters have a very important and difficult job.  They predict who will be a top performer in certain roles and protect against non-performers getting inside the business ecosystem. We rely on their ability to make constant snap judgments to move a candidate into the interview process or not.  A


Influencer marketing die-hards got a hint of changes to come last September, when the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and multi-channel advertiser Machinima Inc. reached a settlement regarding improper disclosures made by paid YouTube influencers in support of Microsoft’s Xbox One release. Recently, however, the FTC issued its final consent order


Blockchain research by the CSIRO marks a significant turn around in the attitude of the Australian government to cryptocurrency. Data61, a research unit of the CSIRO, has announced a collaborative project with agencies including the Treasury to examine the potential of blockchain technology to improve outcomes and service delivery for

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B2B marketing continues to change, especially as its success is intertwined with the latest advances in marketing technology. It was not that long ago that all B2B marketers had to do was generate awareness for their products or services. They would tee up the leads for Sales and a certain

online advertising May 26

Australian advertisers spent $1,731m on online advertising for the quarter ending March 2016, an increase of 33.5 percent year on year, according to the latest IAB/PWC report. As always the giant qualification is that the numbers are made up. Google and Facebook who capture the lion’s share of the revenue



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CEOs flick the switch to revenue creation and the CIO feels the heat
FTC Rules on Machinima Case: Is This the End of Influencer Marketing?
The Benefits of a Partner Ecosystem


HN cover
CEOs flick the switch to revenue creation and the CIO feels the heat
Cloud is the end of the story, says NetSuite CEO
How Oracle buys companies. It’s product before price says Mark Hurd

Digital Marketing

walking mobile
Why B2B Marketers Need to Focus on the Latest MarTech Trends
online advertising May 26
Online advertising revenues up 33.5 per cent for the year. A duopoly gathers strength
sm rep
Brands Ignoring Consumers On Social Are In Trouble: Report


Perfect storm
Retail and the Perfect Storm
NetSuite OneWorld 16
NetSuite outlines three key developments at SuiteWorld
Blockchain turnaround by Australian government

Industrial Internet

Selling smart things in the home. Nest’s struggles to make it work
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Silicon Valley is already disrupting the car industry
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New York Times, Ford extend digital business models