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The release of the latest Harvey Nash Global CIO survey clearly demonstrates that technology leaders are throwing the switch to growth. Or as Brian Pagano writes in Apigee’s APIs and IT rationalisation, “These days, technology leaders are asked to do more and move faster.” The familiar problem for CIOs however,


How is digital technology and the process of digitalisation affecting the partnering landscape? In simple terms the impact is profound. Let’s illustrate the point with a personal example. Recently, a requested upgrade to an airline ticket using points lead only to disappointment. These points were on another airline but both belong

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Foxtel took almost eight years to reach into one million Australian house holds. Netflix will get there in seven months. Netflix has already achieved a key milestone – reaching into one in ten homes in Australia which represents  a potential audience of 2.6 million people. On current form it will crash through the

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A hundred years of certainty is coming to a close in the automotive industry. Digital disruption means the days when the sector created competitive advantage mainly through engineering excellence are over. That is the key insight from a new IBM report into the sector which cautions that old certainties and strategies simply won’t


Bitcoin is winning. It wasn’t meant to be this way. Not so very long ago, Bitcoin seemed to have passed its moment. Its reputation as the preferred currency of terrorists, drug dealers and pornographers — while always overstated — did little for its legitimacy. Then, as the speculators piled on and



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