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Beware of the obvious, it’s not always right. That’s the lesson from a piece of research into in-store customer experiences released by consumer retail research outfit iModerate last month. The study, called “Bricks and Mortars Stores, Nice or need to Have?”, reveals that the most online savvy of shoppers — younger

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Adblocking is finding a receptive audience down under. In a very serious wake up call for Australia’s traditional and digital media companies who still rely heavily on display, a global survey by Accenture has found that Australian consumers have some of the most intensely negative views towards digital advertising and its impact


The evolution of disruptive technologies is testing the boundaries of global markets and regulation, so understanding how they work is critical. Digital disruption is capturing the attention of everyone with an interest in the finance industry. Regulators globally are facing new challenges, which essentially come down to: how do we

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Life used to be so easy for banking CEOs. Hogan provided your core banking, Cisco took care of your networking and no-one — but no-one — ever got fired for buying IBM. These days, however, banks face such intense pressure to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, while delivering next-generation digital

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A newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer recently asked for my opinion about his firm’s content marketing. He was surprised when I questioned whether his new employer understands the meaning of the term. Content Marketing. It’s one of the most over-used buzzwords yet the Marketing Dictionary, published by Oxford University Press,



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Facebook wins earnings week
family business
Family business survey reveals digital shortcomings: PWC


How Oracle buys companies — It’s product before price says Mark Hurd
family business
Family business survey reveals digital shortcomings: PWC
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How to maintain momentum in a digital change program

Digital Marketing

prof serv
10 reasons professional services firms are failing in their content marketing
Creating a Competitive Advantage with Data-Driven Marketing
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Interview: Divya Ramaswamy VP, Digital Marketing at Wego


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Pirates win the Game of Thrones.
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How to get the most from Facebook Topic Data?
Twitter locations
Why Twitter location filtering is not the answer you think it is

Industrial Internet

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Financial Services in the Age of IoT
Selling smart things in the home. Nest’s struggles to make it work
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Silicon Valley is already disrupting the car industry